A Place where you can refurbish yourself with an amazing cuisines and drinks.

21 Hurstmere Road

Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand 6011

Open Monday-Tuesday

8:00am - 4:00pm

Open Wednesday-Saturday

8:00am - Late

Open Sunday

8:00am - 4:00pm

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Toast with Butter & Housemade Preserve


Sourdough | Ciabatta
Gluten free + 2

Oats & Chia Seed Porridge I V I 16


Vanilla berries I Poached rhubarb I banana I hibiscus I Macadamia Crumble

Turkish eggs I GFO I


Poached eggs on Naan Bread l herb labneh I sundried tomato pesto l Pistachio Dukkah I Burnt Chilli butter l fresh herbs

Breakfast Burger I GFO I


Fried eggs I Thick cut smoked bacon I Hashcake I Caramelised Miso Onions I Swiss Cheese I Sriracha Mayo I Charcoal bun

Crispy French Toast


Cornflakes coated Brioche Bread l fresh banana l Dulce de leche l Vanilla Mascarpone l Raspberry gel l Chocolate soil l Maple Syrup
Add Bacon + 5

Breakfast Burger I GFO I


Fried eggs I Thick cut smoked bacon I Hashcake I Caramelised Miso Onions I Swiss Cheese I Sriracha Mayo I Charcoal bun

Eggs Benedict I GFO l

Two Poached eggs on toasted ciabatta l Baby Spinach l housemade hollandaise

Smoked Beef Brisket


Gin Cured Salmon


Seasonal Mushroom


Simply Eggs on Ciabatta l GFO I


Poached l fried l Scrambled

Crushed Avo & Peas I GFO I


Toasted Sourdough l feta l Chilli flakes l Mint l Olive oil l lemon zest
Add extra Egg + 3 l Smoked bacon + 5 l Cured Salmon + 6

Nacho Omelette l GF l DFO l


Beef chilli con carne l Charred corn l Melted cheese l smoked Chipotle Relish l Corn chip crumbs
Add side of bread + 4
Add ons - Thick cut bacon + 5 l Cured Salmon + 6 l Egg + 3 l Hollandaise + 2 l Gluten Free bread + 4 l Side of toast + 4 l Roasted mushrooms + 6 l Avocado + 5 l Potato hash + 4


Bangers & Mash l GF l


Truffle Mash l Sausages l Parmesan croquette l Peas l Fried egg l Caramelised onion jus l Charred pickled onions

Butter Chicken l GF l


Cumin steamed rice l Pickled carrots l Cucumber l toasted cashews

Mac N Cheese stuffed Croissant


Mac n Cheese Croquette l Nepolitana Sauce l Prosciutto l Salad greens l Poached egg l Parmesan l Truffle Oil

Vegan Bowl


el hanout quinoa l Charred broccolini l Avo l Chick pea l Pickled Cauliflower l Roasted carrots l dukkah l Vegan mayo

Steak and fries


200 gms Scotch fillet l Skin on shoestring fries l Cafe de Paris butter

Sweet & Spicy fried Chicken burger


Crispy chicken thigh l lettuce l Sriracha mayo l Streaky Bacon l Swiss cheese l bbq sauce l waffle fries l broiche bun

Add ons l GF l
Shoe String fries with aioli + 8 l Broccolini with extra virgin olive oil + 6 l Truffle Mash + 6 l House Salad with sumac dressing + 6


Whole baked Camembert cheese


Roasted garlic toast l Chilli Oil

Keto fried Chicken l GF l


Sriracha Mayo

Bourbon Glazed baby Pork Ribs


Crispy Shallots

Crumbed Goat's cheese


liquid honey l Toasted almonds

'Spicy' Market fish tartare l GF l


Corn Chips l Seaweed seasoning

Roasted Chicken thighl GF l


burnt miso l Pomegranate & walnut Salsa

Shittake & Garlic chive dumplings l V l


Pickled needle mushrooms l black rice vinegar

Patatas Bravas l V l


Romesco sauce l Paprika Salt l Aioli l Pickled onions


Crispy Pork Belly l GF l


Crushed Miso Butternut l Garlic & chilli Spiced Kale l Ginger Caramel l Apple & Walnut Salsa

Butter Chicken l GF l


Paratha l Cumin Steamed Rice l Pickled Carrots l Cucumber l Toasted Cashews

Market Fish l GF l


Corn Puree l Chorizo l Cauliflower Cous Cous l Orange Butter Sauce

Wild Mushroom Pappardelle


Broccolini l Celeriac l Cured Egg Yolk l Truffle Cream Sauce

Scotch Fillet l GF l


Shoestring Fries l Cafe de Paris Butter l Sumac dressed Salad


Shoestring Fries with aioli l GF l


Roasted carrots with feta & honey l GF l


Peas with smoked bacon & Lettuce l GF l


Green Salad with Sumac , Red onion & All Spice l GF l


Broccolini with Romesco sauce & Apple Balsamic


Crushed Potatoes with Pink Peppercorn , garlic l GF l



Coffee & Cream Pavlova l GF l

Coffee Pavlova l Mascarpone l Mandarin l Dulce de leche l Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Calvados Apple & Rhubarb Crumble

Calvados glazed Apples l Roasted Rhubarb l Apple Curd l Oat Crumble l Vanilla Ice Cream

Dirty Doughnut

Hot Fried Doughnut l Star anise sugar l Black berry sauce l Vanilla anglaise l Chocolate soil

Ice Cream Sundae l GF l

Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream l Raspberry gel l Whipped cream l Macaron l Toasted pistachio


Banana Berry Hotcakes

Vanilla cream and maple syrup

Eggs Your Way On toasted ciabatta | GFO |

Crumbed Free Range Chicken Tenders | GF | DF l

Fries, tomato sauce

Fish N Chips | GF l

Fries, tomato sauce

Cheeseburger | GFO

Beef patty, cheese, ketchup, fries